Wife wont have sex but uses vibrators

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The whole thing is getting me down a bit, I have to say. Do also find moments during lovemaking to use the vibrator she enjoys so much; this will help to bridge the gap between her auto-eroticism and her passion for you. Because I use the drawer regularly I notice when things get moved around. And that she would have told me about it but wanted to try it out first. Two nights ago we had great sex, great orgasms etc. We normally never think about having morning sex.

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Fancy yourself as an agony aunt?

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Wife rejects my advances then uses a vibrator instead?!

Thank you all in advance. My problem started last December, over the festive period to be precise. We do have sex, maybe once or twice a month- usually if I push the issue- but I've discovered that my wife has started to use her vibrator a lot over the past month or two. He is asking for your opinion to enable him take his decisions concerning his situation. Tell her that you are worried she is depressed or running herself ragged.

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wife wont have sex but uses vibrators
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wife wont have sex but uses vibrators
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