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Kirk, Harry Mudd immediately charmed fans thanks to the wonderfully campy performance of the late Roger C. Already sought by authorities for bribing the senior magister of Ventax II, perpetrating twelve cases of serious fraud on Aldebaran III, embezzling the Delbian Widows and Orphans Fund, fixing Antidean mud-wrestling fights, managing a tribble-torturing farm on Largo V and feeding explosives to Endicorian hedgehogs a protected species to sell the bits as Klingon chewbones, Horace was convicted and sentenced to clean up the meeps' fetid remains throughout the station. Solow and Robert H. Lieutenant Nyota Uhura seduced Mudd with a confiscated love crystal, while Tarsh tried to kill Harry and use the Andromedan weapons to sieze the Klingon throne. He escaped aboard a stolen starship but a shot damaged his controls, forcing him to land on Galor IV, which he christened Mudd's Planet Mudd for short. The two eventually divorced, with no children.

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The hearing ends as the final lithium crystal fails.

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After being caught up in a Neutral Zone dispute on Shroud IV, Harry was captured while trying to swindle a Romulan with forged Starfleet encryption codes purchased from Orion pirates. As Childress confronts Mudd over the deception, Eve snatches a dose of what appears to be the Venus drug, but is in fact a placebo. So impressed was he when she successfully swindled him that he took her in as his ward. Kirk pursued him to Spica III Mudballbut he captured the crew and demanded they help him fleece the natives of their gems. Kirk finally gets his replacement crystals.

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