Hustler lyric story

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A bunch of niggaz back like Right back home, with stacks gone, they forgot Christ I know a nigga sold his soul for a nickel rock I know some hold for the 'dro, we can't hit the cock I know a nigga workin Been on 15 years, ain't got a car to drive I know some nigga wanna act hard, flicks pitch Fake jack boys, can't rob, get killed Got kin folk backyard big whips Escart that lift my homeboy this year Chorus Akon Akon While B. Shit cause, money never came to me. Kiss my ring, it's a frank white thing. More info in our Cookies Policy page. Believe the death is waiting for all. Cristyle pop I'm sippin it.

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Is there anybody out there living, 4, 5, 6's on the streets they shootin.

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"Hustler's Story" lyrics

Iam on some get back shit, there comes a time, in every mans mind when it's deeper than dolla signs I been on the grind, got homies doing time. More info in our Cookies Policy page. Whatchu gonna do when poppa catch ya attitude, drop to your knees and show gratitude. Jet-skiing in the - caribean, white sand, discusing plans with my man, Dark blue land, smoke tint, chrome rims and a system that leave my rear views trembling. Kiss my ring, it's a frank white thing.

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hustler lyric story
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hustler lyric story
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