Compressed facial nerve

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The other disorders that cause peripheral facial nerve palsy typically develop more slowly than idiopathic facial nerve palsy and may have other distinguishing symptoms or signs. This approach may be useful in the management of patient with schwannomas of cranial nerve 7 and 8, as well as with patient with melkersson-rosenthal syndrome. The type of injury also gives an idea about the prognosis. Primary and secondary HFS are rare but important causes of facial pain to consider, because surgical intervention is generally safe with good outcomes. This is the Professional Version. A traumatic injury to your head or face is one of the most common causes of severe permanent facial paralysis. This is recognized as combined hyperactive dysfunction syndrome, and affected 2.

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You and your doctor should determine which treatment is best.

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Facial Nerve Decompression

We will start your treatment with antibiotics and eye care. Acknowledgements No funding was obtained for this report. In this test electrodes are placed over the main trunk then suprathreshold stimulus is given and muscle action potential is measured over the both side. When to refer patients with facial paralysis. An EMG is often done along with a nerve conduction velocity NCV study to measure your muscle and nerve electrical activity. If this isn't possible, we'll look at other surgical options to restore movement or symmetry to your face.

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compressed facial nerve
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compressed facial nerve
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