True stories of girls watching boys piss

I already knew my friend had to pee because she had said had said "fuck it" to the line as we were leaving since we figured we'd be home soon anyway. Sexy girl peeing and humiliating older man. I immediately knew she must actually really have to go when she purposefully straddled my leg and pressed her pussy hard down, very, very slightly rocking back and forth. I realized at once a number of things: Janie had said their meeting would exceed expectation, but what did that mean? When I got back into the car, I glanced toward the back seat and there on the floor I saw that pop bottle my roommate had used - it was full to the brim with dark yellow piss. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

College Girls and Guys.

The Girlfriend Chronicles (Pt. 1)

Suddenly, I heard her yelp. She was a little lanky, and waifish, but beautiful nonetheless. As far as smell, taste, etc. I have done this. Lesbian peeing fetish from watersports loving girl. I guess if we want to do it again you could just pee on me from now on.

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