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Hmm, I'd like to see Joann Bishop in the flesh! Macie is terrified and Ginger feels guilty because she thinks that this will tear their friendship apart. Perhaps that's why they were able to get away with that reference. Not to mention, I thought today was Saturday. Courtney Gripling voice Jackie Harris At least he lived a long life.

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Carl comes out of the shower and shows of his dirty plastic bagged feet.

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Gym Class Confidential

Like what you and I said, if Dodie just opened her humongous mouth to either tell Simone that Darren's already with Ginger, or tell Ginger what's going on behind her back, all of this could have been avoided! However, I can't help thinking that the crap in this episode is somehow all Meg--I mean Dodie's fault, and I'm sure you do, too, Deebiedoobie. I've been waiting to review this episode since beginning this blog because it's my absolute favorite episode of the series. I introduce to you the most dramatic, tear-jerking episode in the entire series. Carl asks if he is coming to shower after which Hoodsey asks if Carl could look away since he is embarrassed. Carl is obviously having a great time and gets complimented by the teacher.

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