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Midget with a gun tries robbing people and they just laugh in his face. June 23, - Lol at all you tuna fish was up when you fools coming out to play again I was the one who got gallo on elm in put a 30 30 round in his chest also got your boy trix took him out in San Bernardino put 3 38super rounds In his lower abdomen and you newer generation farts are lame and scary no kind of competition your dead homeboys must be turning in their tuna graves wish you guys would come out I got me a new fishing pole I still got my 38 hopefully I can add one more fish to it. January 27, - 9: December 16, - 8: Stephanie Lazarus People of FL v.

March 31, - 7:

Chuckie, Midget, and the Compton Tortilla Flats Gang

March 28, - He had the mutant ability of super speed, and took the name of the deceased Super Sabre. It may also refer to anything of much smaller than normal size, as a synonym for "miniature", such as a midget cella midget crabappleMG's MidgetDaihatsu's Midgetand the Midget Mustang airplane ; or to anything that regularly uses anything that is smaller than normal other than a personsuch as midget car racing and quarter midget racing ; or a smaller version of play or participation, such as midget golf ; or to anything designed for very young i. May 13, - 6: Once they cleanup washigton DC. Unbeknownst to many in the public—but well-known to pretty much all of the men and women

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