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It is the bone mineralization that give bones rigidity. Orbital process Zygomatico-orbital Temporal process Zygomaticotemporal Lateral process Zygomaticofacial. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Interestingly, Drosophila melanogasteralso a cholesterol auxotroph, regulates its membrane fluidity through an SREBP-mediated transcriptional program that produces phosphotidylethanolamine Seegmiller et al. Osteoblasts and osteocytes are involved in the formation and mineralization of bone; osteoclasts are involved in the resorption of bone tissue.

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It has been hypothesized that this is a result of bone's piezoelectric properties, which cause bone to generate small electrical potentials under stress.

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Oracle bone script was a writing system used in Ancient china based on inscriptions in bones. Nuclear hormone receptor NHR controls fat consumption and fatty acid composition in C. PPARs and the complex journey to obesity. Functional brown adipose tissue in healthy adults. Bones in the human skeleton. A secreted Slit2 fragment regulates adipose tissue thermogenesis and metabolic function.

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site of fat storage in the adult
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site of fat storage in the adult
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