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At Merlotte's, Andy Bellefleur is upset and depressed after his failure to solve the case, and begins drinking. Sookie has a dream in which Bill takes her virginity and, after a discussion with Adele, decides that she should give Bill another chance. Jason invites his and Sookie's estranged uncle Bartlett, which aggravates Sookie. Afterwards, Tara starts to feel conflicted about her mother's problem and leaves Sam alone in the room. That night at the D. Tara pushes Jason out, telling him she doesn't even know who he is anymore. At Merlotte's, Sookie learns that Reverend Theodore Newlin, founder of the anti-vampire church the Fellowship of the Sun, along with his wife and daughter were killed in an accident.

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At Merlotte's the next day, Sookie snaps at Andy for not having found the killer that is after her and Sookie finds some comfort in Amy, and the two start to bond.

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'True Blood': A Look Back at 10 Pivotal Love (and Sex) Scenes

Bill is about to feed, but Sookie looks into Jerry's mind and sees that he has Hepatitis D, an infection that infects only vampires. Arlene is a thrice-divorced waitress with two children who, over the course of the season, becomes engaged to Rene Lenierplayed by Michael Raymond-Jamesa Cajun labourer who works on a road crew. Merlotte's is crashed by Malcolm, Diane and Liam who menace the patrons of Merlotte's but Bill shows up in time to stop them from hurting anyone, but only if he goes with them and stops messing around with humans. When they arrive at Fangtasia, Bill and Sookie are admitted by an old vampire acquaintance of Bill's, Pam. Sam is interrogated by Bud and Andy.

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true blood sookie and bill sex scene
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true blood sookie and bill sex scene
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