Ship terminology glory hole

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The endmost plate of a complete strake. A plate foe support like a pillow or cushion. A cluster of piles for mooring. Able bodied seaman The next grade above the beginning grade of ordinary seaman in the deck crew. A depression or offset designed to take some other adjoining part, as for example the rabbet in the stem taking the shell plating. Vessel designed for the laying and repair of seabed telecommunication cables. The centroid of area of a waterplane.

A solid piece of metal shaped like an acorn, and used to finish off the top of an upright in a railing contructed of pipe.

Glory hole

Relay to all others in order a signal repeated from one ship to the next astern in column. Space where the main engines of a ship are located. The cone-shaped shield at the top of the smokestack. To unite closely two planks or plates, so as to bring the surfaces into nitimate contact. The rounded-in overhanging part on each side of the stern in front of the rudder, merging undernearth into the run. The overall freight liability is calculated on the total RT amount, multiplied by the freight rate. Vessel designed for the delivery transportation of road vehicles.

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