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You pulse all over with the volcanic heat, tolerable for only about 15 minutes. And then there's the added attraction of the evil Western art historian and his gay Japanese lover, perverted voyeurs to this enterprise. Before the manager would hand me my membership card, he asked a number of questions, the first of which was, "Do you have any tattoos? Go to mobile site. His concern was that Western visitors might happen upon decorated Japanese people and indict the nation as backwards or barbaric. While living in Japan, I became a regular at Nohthe beautiful, often hypnotic plays steeped in Buddhism.

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In any event, I answered in the negative and decided the question itself was a sign that a musical about tattoos was meant to happen.

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Naked Japanese Gangsters Inspire Romantic Tattoo Musical?

Tattoos are, by the way, still frowned upon in Japan, because, fundamentally, they are expressions of individuality and rebellion in a conformist society, where, to quote a famous proverb, "the nail that sticks out gets hammered down. And to think that the inspiration for this rather unique, cross-cultural love story came from a couple of colorful, criminal types from whom I could not avert my eyes. Stay with me here As I was watching these plays, I found myself thinking about warriors from our own Civil War, a century and a half ago. Before you lie down in this therapeutic grave, though, you must first cleanse yourself in the ritual bath. I decided that an American woman would travel to the demimonde of 19th-century Tokyo and decide to become totally tattooed.

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ganster girls nude tattoos
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ganster girls nude tattoos
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