Is my virginity torn or noy

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This is called the sexual double standard. For more about the hymen, see below and check out Inside Scoop: Skip to main content. For more on deciding to have sex, check out Am I Ready for Sex? When you were very young, your hymen protected your vagina from germs and dirt. In the same way that no one can force you to have sex, no one can or should force you to remain a virgin. These misleading myths about the intact hymen fail to recognize that many females who have never engaged in sexual intercourse do not have intact hymens.

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You might need a hand mirror.

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How do you know your hymen is broken if you have never gone to the gyno (I'm still a virgin)?

Sincerely, The Sexperts If you would like to read our article on the cultural significance of an intact hymen, please click here. You might need a hand mirror. If my hymen broke from an activity other than sex, am I still considered a virgin? There are no comments yet. Your hymen can be broken by activities like stretching, playing sports, using tampons, or getting pelvic exams. Intercourse and other sexual activity are not the only ways that the hymen can be broken.

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is my virginity torn or noy
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is my virginity torn or noy
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