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The idea that women will do anything to get their hands or other parts on a long penis is a myth most likely perpetuated by the big penis industry. They never really explained this clearly in health class, I assume that's where you get them. Where something is going is at least as important as how big it is. I would be dismayed by a date showing up in a beat-up Euro-car in the same way that I would be dismayed by him showing up in golf pants. Which makes it about the reverse situation from a lady complaining about how fat she is and the man constantly having to tell her she looks fine. Over the course of their conversation, during which Tyler was apparently without clothing, Stern asked about the rock star's love life.

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Sadly, most of the comments on the photo were about how annoying his decorative hand towels are. I mean, that's so logical I hardly need to explain it, but basically what they did there in that study was show pictures of men to women, Photoshopping some of the men's outfits to red. How is that any different from men, you might ask, since we all know that men are also attracted to women in red? For example, many of you men might have asked why girls you know are swooning over Edward from Twilight when he looks like a prancing homosexual. As the red study shows, there's obviously at least one subconscious visual clue that makes a woman think a man is more powerful, and there's surely more distinguished salt-and-pepper hair perhaps?

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  1. Yeah check her IG. She fell off. She ain't Pinky status or anything. I would still fuck, but she looks wack now.