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It would follow him the rest of his life. Yet, this was only an image—a projection from my cell phone. My youngest son is a sophomore in high school. Listen to them as they describe why they think others sext or why they might be compelled to sext. Thankfully, he was honest with me and said some girls had sexted him. So they've moved from thinking this is sinister to realizing, within a few days, this is completely common.

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But by the law any picture of a minor is illegal and so they just ask the girl[s] who they call in for interviews, "Well, do you know anyone else who has naked pictures on their phone?

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Teen Sexting: An Updated Look At Technology And Sex

He is 23 years old and lives in New Jersey. People would get around this by taking pictures of parts of their body, like they might just do the upper part of their body, or they might take a picture in a dark room or at certain angles. Sex and social media. Lucky me, my son had already deleted them. It seems like a prank. Instead, I started a conversation with my sonminus a confession on my end. In April, residents of Louisa County, Va.

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