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Star Wars - Australian Edition Instagram: Anaheim police arrested him yesterday in the after-school altercation that's gone viral for alleged battery and criminal threats. Don't be a worthless piece of shit. Today's inspirational quote If hold Someone long you enough underwater. I'll never forget my grandfathers last words:

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Jimenez took various photographs of her son after he'd been taken into custody.

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A dumpster diving, bin-chicken, disrupting the community, Annoying the general public, at every opportunity. Get out of here George Lucas, this is a bigger plot hole than why the Death Star had a tiny fault that could blow it up-and that was only explained after 40 years and 2 hours worth of screen time. Jealous, Memes, and Cunt: In the now-infamous video, the sunglasses-wearing officer continually accuses Christian of saying he was going to "shoot him," which became grounds for the criminal threats arrest in the cop's mind. Dude, Memes, and Cunt: Bin Juice Drinking Dreg This user has also played as:. Funny, Cunt, and Friend:

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