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Many health concerns — including chronic anal sac problems -- resolve naturally over time once an animal is eating a biologically appropriate diet. General notes — while on Glandex my stools became much firmer, larger, and more regular. As the infection progresses, pus accumulates within the anal gland. The anal glands are embedded in the muscle of the anal sphincter and not readily visible. Glenda Ammo, thanks for the info.

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Anal gland tumors are most often malignant and are classified as adenocarinomas.

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Dachshund Anal Glands or Anal Sacs The dachshund anal glands also called anal sacs are two glands secreting an unpleasant fluid through tiny ducts opening into the anus. Donna Bucelli Ammo, I have definitely have to gt some for my dachshund. Abnormal glands that are suggestive of a tumor may be diagnosed with a biopsy. Latest Pet Videos Dr. Stop feeding any food that contains corn, potato, oatmeal, wheat, rice or soy. Sharing of information from this site is acceptable for non-commercial purposes provided that proper crediting links are included.

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dachshund expressing anal glands
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dachshund expressing anal glands
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