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Nothing says Happy Halloween like drop dead gorgeous women that can only be described as simply to die for. Top 5 Sexiest Female Zombies These women give real meaning to drop dead sexy. And if there's one thing that is unavoidable when it comes to zombies it's an extremely high body count. I guess at the very least you left a damn pretty corpse. Talk about paying an arm and a leg for a lap dance!

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Yeah, I know these comments may seem a little out of character for me, but the great thing about Halloween is that you can pretty much get away with anything and be whatever you want.

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Sexy Zombie Girls

This particular list gives tribute to the 10 top picks from this category titled: So it stands to reason that I have to reluctantly give the number one slot to a movie in which I count no less than six smokin' hot zombie bodies. I can definitely think of much worse things than being quarantined with Dania Ramirez and Marin Hinkle as they attempted to ravage and devour me, all the while clawing and moaning uncontrollably. Let's see here…anything else about, oh I don't know, maybe not fucking dead girls you find in the basement of abandoned insane asylums or something? Speaking of dead girl…….

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