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I doth protest too much. Through the blindfold, she saw Madam savor a small suckle of blood from the guilty fingertips. She screamed, her frenzy defiant at her self-imposed restraints. The Blood of the Lamb. So, perhaps, you won't drop your jaw or even raise a wary eyebrow when I tell you that a whole array of kinksters have eroticized it.

The rattling of the chain above her gingerly wrung a wry grin from Madam as she waved the knife, sending another glint of malice—a reflection of foreboding—through the sweaty mesh encasing her blushing face.

Bloody hell. The so-called trend for 'blood hounds' might be a sexual fetish too far

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I love the taste of that milky discharge she sometimes gets just before her period starts. An incredible turn on for me. Madam would give her the words. It has been that way since I was a young girl.

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