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She gave it a small lick, and pulled back in disgust. Just you wait Ryo! At his introduction, he was sensible, but low-key. A young blader that Ginga saves when he comes to town. The immense air flow generated by Virgo serves as a nigh-impenetrable barrier to would-be attackers.

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His beyblade and bey spirit all have purplish color schemes.

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Can you love mine? A blader who believes that the arrangement is the only way to become stronger and that getting his hands dirty won't improve skill at all. Chao Xin Voiced By: Now this…I gotta see, I dragged Tsubasa away from Yu and Casey, turned him back to normal size and dragged both Kyoya and Zeo into a room where music started playing, oh yeah, I locked the door. He is a firm believer in The Power of Friendship and believes that bey battles are meant to be fun. While Virgo is using its air shield, it can barely move or attack. After Rago woke up he found himself in a skirt and cameras flashing on him "Wah!

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