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The two would gel together even dating for a while in real life and Matlin attacks her first movie with terrific passion, from her furious signing to real depth and making you feel for her character. No matter the role, these are all very memorable performances from some of the top actresses in the world. Pretty Baby is fulfilled with nude scenes played by Brooke Shields. While young, Penelope Cruz takes on the role very well, especially in bits such as a nude scene on a beach showing that amazing body and a few stylish love scenes. While the scene bothered some, Fanning and director director Deborah Kampmeier were praised by others for addressing the issue.

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But when they're not, you get a lot more of that in between and less and less of the sugar and spice.

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Whether it was a good idea to ask either actor to participate in it is another matter. If the role calls for a nude scene, an actress feels like going along with it despite reservations. Of course, just her is able to see that side of Esther and her partner thinks his wife is becoming mentally unstable. Several years later, a now 13 year old Fanning again was able to wow audiences, only in a much more shocking way in the film, Hounddog. Over the decades, Hollywood has given us slews of breakout gals baring it all for their debut roles, some in movies that are bad, others in ones that are good. She parlayed her inherent adorableness into work in other pictures, like Firestarter and Cat's Eye. Jodele was 9 years old when starred Tideland, a mix of Alice in the Wonderland and Psych.

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