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If they went with a wider bite area at the bead they wouldn't need to use such a big diameter. TheRaven Plus Aug 21, at 6: My neighbor plays his music pretty loud, and it vibrates the heater on the wall. The beer can analogy is not applicable. When you fill a beer can with foam of course it gets harder to deform, the same may not be true for the several orders of magnitude stiffer rim. MAG rim was a piece of cheesy expensive crap. For instance, it may be that aggressive kids with poor self-control get spanked more because their behavior makes their parents angrier.

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On a rigid bike, I'm guessing it's more noticeable.

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Spank's Foam Filled Rim Promises Better Reliability and Feel - Crankworx Whistler 2017

FuzzyL Aug 20, at 7: We were greeted by Tom, the husband of Ms. Moe Aug 19, at Why is it, then, that children might "deserve" a swat and receive one? Ryanrobinson Aug 20, at First we needed foam on the outside now we need it on the inside tooI feel so behind the times.

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