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Learn more about this amazing piece of the female anatomy in Holy Clit, Batman! Should my partner and I choose a male or female to create our first threesome? Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. In its most basic form, all that oral sex requires is two willing partners. If you want her to really relax and enjoy herself, tell her how much you love spending time between her legs.

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You can read all the sex books and tips in the world, but the reality is that all women are different.

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Read more about the importance of the tease in The No. How to Excite Desire with Your Tongue. What that means is that for most people, learning to do it well will take time and practice. Women who enjoy penetration might love the addition of their partner's fingers or a vibrator like this one. Finding the right position is crucial - aches and pains are far from sexy. You can use cushions, furniture or dedicated sex props to help get both of your nice and comfy - whatever it takes to stay with it for the long haul.

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