Zuni fetish directional set

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Click here to hear "bear" in Shiwi, - the Zuni Language. Moles remind us to watch for the subtle things in life. Thought to be the most powerful hunter, the mountain lion is the guardian of the northern direction. Today, mountain lion fetishes are carved with great realism and detail and also in the more ancient, primitive style. While considered somewhat of a prankster, he doesn't have the negative characteristics associated with the coyote. The badger represents the southern direction in protective and healing fetish set.

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He is associated with the color yellow and appears in both hunting and healing directional sets.

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These six animals are believed to empower the hunter with the represented animals predation skills. If you will be in the area and would like to see the collection in person, please call ahead for an appointment, The guardian of the zenith or sky, the eagle is multi-colored and he is part of both a healing and a hunting directional set. Each region is represented by a specific color and by an animal that is designated as the guardian of that region. Initially Zuni fetishes were likely found stones that had the rudimentary shape of an animal. To the Zuni people, there are six cardinal directions comprised of the four primary compass points, plus the upper region sky and the lower region underground.

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zuni fetish directional set
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zuni fetish directional set
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