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Pursuit home All sections. Last Friday night told me that! For example, if you are quite active during sex, changing positions regularly and moving about in bed, then your heels are just going to hinder you and possibly even poke someone's eye out! Maybe trainers next time. The parallels, as well as differences between past and present, were highlighted for me by the London story, but also by an incident in involving record producer Jordan Bratman and his then wife, songstress Christina Aguilera.

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Original post by Lemon Haze Hahaa, could have worked out depending on how good she looked in them man!

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10 Reasons Why Men Love High Heels in the Bedroom and Why You Should Wear Them

I cannot get my head round the psychology of why this should be thought of as sexy or erotic in any way! Originally, high pianelle were worn exclusively by prostitutes and courtesans. The article in Frontiers in Psychology says: Start new discussion Reply. He'll want to rip your clothes off.

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using highheels for sex acts
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using highheels for sex acts
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