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Jessie, was absolutely mortified and shocked by this, being held in his sweaty grip and being looked at with so much malice and lust. As buzz and woody glanced up at the screen, They weren't prepared for what they saw. And out of nowhere, Like a savage animal, Andy grabbed Jessie with his free hand and started muttering weird shit to her while he was jacking it hard and fast. You can direct message me for more details about the video as Jessie is my precious. Download Download video in p quality 0. Goddamn, she's well trained.

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Jessie the Dumb Fuck Toy (SuperPervert)

Andy then returned to his chair and begun removing all his clothes, The toys, now having gathered around in their own secure watching spots, were astonished at what they could see andy doing. Pulled up his underwear, Put on his clothes, and went back to playing his video games. The boy he once loved, now the man he shall always hate. Andy was now completely nude and had dabbed the strawberry-banana lotion onto his hand and begun stroking himself slowly while entranced by the screen. You can direct message me for more details about the video as Jessie is my precious. They watched as andy had turned the lights off and finished setting things up, and had opened up the web browzer and typed in what seems to be "Blonde girls Big boobies". Me and her won't be the only ones in this room with detachable body parts!

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