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The movie is funny, cute, sexy, fast paced, and never takes itself too seriously. The two leads try SO hard to show us they have chemistry a lot of shoulder wiggling and cutesy facial expressions mostly that it backfires. I thought this movie was Hilarious if you like sexual comedy, then you'll love this movie, if not, then don't go to see it If you're hoping to see Jessica Alba undressed -- too bad! An oft repeated line I found in reviews was that "this movie is much closer to Caligula than Sleepless in Seattle". You got a choice to watch this. The sidekick, though hilarious comedic timing, had some of the skeeviest dialogue.

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Every other female in the movie was in it only because her jugs were a respectable size or in order to be ridiculed by everyone else.

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Good Luck Chuck (2007) Nude Scenes

I didn't notice the written by credits but it was so stupid and ill-contrived I'm assuming Dane Cook must have had a hand in it. How did critics react to the film? A mess from start to finish, we once again see Dane Cook trying to transfer his success from the mic into the movie screens but with no success at all. Women flock to Charlie and that's great, but then Charlie meets his perfect girl. It's like the makers were trying to make a trashy sex comedy with a heart.

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