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This female Super Saiyan will likely be able to stack up against a Super Saiyan Blue, though, since she appears to be the Legendary Super Saiyan of one of the other universes. Please neked draw Helles dbs. Still, that would put her power threshold even above Android 18's since we saw the androids could handle newly transformed Super Saiyans like Vegeta, but were outclassed after the warriors trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Fortunately Beerus showed up to defuse the situation from there, but fans were still left wondering if Beerus would have been able to beat Arale, or if she could have actually taken down the god of destruction as easily as she did Vegeta. Despite a lack of serious power, Chi-Chi is like the tiny dog who still barks the loudest. She seems rather happy and excited herself.

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Back to the real Doujinshi story.

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In fact, Bardock had to save Gine in battle on multiple occasions. Share your thoughts and theories on them in the comments! Thanks to Dragon Ball GTwe saw Pan was capable of hanging with some of the toughest fighters around. This other side of Launch is always looking for a fight, and frequently terrified Goku and his friends with her explosive nature. So could this goddess with a resemblance to Cleopatra wind up being even stronger than Beerus? Next, Goku tried to defend against her in an energy blast battle, but even as a Super Saiyan Blue he was only able to stand evenly matched against her.

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