The judge penetration depth

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All shots are with a. Sometimes the trunk can be a very hard to penetrate obstacle. PI between 85 and In either case the penetration depth is found directly from the imaginary part of the material's refractive index as is detailed above. But the PI is a good means to judge the different big game cartridges only solids with respect to their suitability for elephant hunting and how much is the margin for difficult shots.

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Alphin, Any Shot You Want, On Target Press About Penetration Index The penetration index is calculated by dividing kinetic energy with the frontal area of the bullet and multiplying the result by the sectional density, as described by A.

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Penetration Index & Energy

What kind of energy is the transferred one? For a given material, penetration depth will generally be a function of wavelength. Hatcher, Taylor, Keith, Ackley. This means more shots before you need to reload and more rounds staged in your gun. Brass Fetcher Ballistic Testing The shotgun is among the smallest commercially available shotgun shells. I have no lack of confidence in the 9mm round when I recommend to students or carry for the protection of myself and those I care about. The inertia of the bullet keeps it stabilized along the short path in the animal.

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the judge penetration depth
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the judge penetration depth
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