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Expecting a relationship to fill all the holes in your heart is a recipe for disappointment. An attitude like yours would more or less guarantee that you'll be alone for a very, very long time. Cherry on top, go after guys that aren't quite your type as well. There IS someone for everyone. And I'm actually scared of getting someone else 'cause I have this irrational thought I'd have to give some of it up.

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I think you should probably wait till the second or third date to have sex.

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I want to have sex but i have no one to do it with. What should I do to satisfy my needs?

Get in shape, because you might as well be healthy in life. Hit the gym because it will make you feel better about yourself and make you more confident. And maybe you despair of your situation to the point of dismissing many suggestions here because you think it's really that bad Do I get a new person, or am I screwed? You could try one of the many life seminars going around. Okay, of course, avoid those whom you know you would never like and are actually creeps. Those men may not be the majority although I and many other people beg to differthat doesn't mean that all of the men aren't discarders.

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no one wants to have sex with me
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no one wants to have sex with me
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