Enjoying oral sex

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When you get to the edge of climax, breathing deeply will help you push the orgasmic feelings through your mind and body. A man cares more about how you feel when he's with you or how he makes you feel when he's pleasuring you than anything else. Most women need both penetration and oral to fully achieve the highest amount of pleasure. If you don't think it's pretty, know this—it doesn't bother your husband. This is all about pleasure.

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It was an escape.

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Ladies, Here’s How to Love Oral Sex

Allow him to worship you as the goddess you are. InIsadora traveled to India to immerse herself in the ancient teachings of Tantra to facilitate deep healing and discover her own path as a healer. Or was it when she massaged her breasts, smiled, locked eyes with you, moaned and touched herself, all while making sure you finished? The ability to give and receive this kind of feedback gracefully is vital to ensuring that both parties feel comfortable with such vulnerability. Just like with condoms, applying some lube between the body and the barrier helps increase sensation. Remember the time before you started having sex when you were still at the makeout stage? See if you can hold out and endure everything your partner does to you without coming.

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enjoying oral sex
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enjoying oral sex
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  1. Holy shit that was awesome, best video I've seen in a LONG time. Thank God for Eva Lovia and her natural beauty.,