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This fanfic takes place during Darkness series. Momo inserted her tongue and shoved her head in Mikan's anus at the same, licking her anus up and down as hard as she could. Momo smirked and blinked several times, she enjoyed seeing how deeply Mikan flustered, and she knew how badly that Mikan wanted her. Momo slid both of her arms pass through Mikan's thigh to her anus. Momo wanted to have more fun time with Mikan, she ejected her tongue out of her mouth. However; Momo said something that really shocked her, she said that she loved her as well. As the liquid from Mikan's anus were flowed down into Momo's face.

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She confessed to her love to Momo, but she afraid that Momo won't return her feelings to her since she loved Rito.

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Mikan discovered Momo had gone so wet, she guessed her own delicious moans had made Momo too horny. Siblings could not act or do something sexually to each other. Mikan gasped as Momo's actions and forwardness. Momo started to stir, yawn and rub her eyes. She held Mikan's bra and quick gave her neck a sensous lick, teasing Mikan alive. Momo slid both of her arms pass through Mikan's thigh to her anus.

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