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So who is suckerfreegear and why is he asking for money to run a YT channel? Imagine a world free of shartveldan. If your lip shits then my ass whistles. I only keep my gains at 6 or lower depending on the three way switches settings. I'm sure he's learned a few of his tricks from Mark. Mark Cameron Poll Great amps i don't care about his business practices 5. The Aldrich kicks ass.

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It's good stuff though If you run into any issues with either amp just let me know, and I'll be glad to help out. My Aldrich has a big round low end not compressed at all and can be very open. This is actually really entertaining. A place to diagnose injury or prescribe treatment addressing injury. No, charveldan is a member of the Marshall forum also. The Aldrich kicks ass.

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mark cameron is an asshole
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mark cameron is an asshole
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