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Certain medications can prevent or complicate conception. Keep the sperm supply fresh. Like diabetes, thyroid disease is relatively non-threatening to your pregnancy as long as it's diagnosed and well-managed. Just avoid dwelling too much on getting pregnant, lest that stress you out even further. The time it takes for a woman's body to be again ready to become pregnant after discontinuing contraception varies. Several factors can affect fertility, but there are some things you can do to up your chances of a big fat positive. Here's when you should seek help:

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Endometriosis, which can generally inhibit fertility.

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It sounds gross, but it works. See Step 3 for more help! These foods and other foods that are undercooked or improperly cleaned can lead to food poisoning or illness, reducing your chances of supporting a healthy pregnancy. He came right outside your vagina. If you and your partner are trying to get pregnantchances are someone — your mom, your best friend, the internet — has shared some out-there theories meant to help you along.

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