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Say something like "I know you're curious, but we don't ask our friends to show us their penises because they are private. Originally Posted by Wmsn4Life This habit of quoting an entire post and then dropping in a disapproving emoticon is only snarky and not helpful. So we did a little you show me yours, ill show you mine. You may ask if it hurts or if he has to go potty. Until then, guidance and loving reassurance that he is not bad, or should be ashamed is recommended.

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Penis size is determined by your genesjust like eye color or foot size.

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Six-year-old boy has operation to remove 1.5cm pen tip from his penis

The testes are two soft lumps in the scrotum where sperm are made. Um thats a giant smiley fact not a snarky emotion so get your panties out of a twist sheesh. North America 14, posts, read 9, times Reputation: Having an erection which goes away by itself does not cause any harm to you. The testes get larger at puberty. Ask your parent to get you to a doctor quickly.

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boys penis at school
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boys penis at school
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